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Can I Sue for a Construction Defect?

William B. Hanley Oct. 17, 2019

The California Civil Code includes sections on construction law, including construction defects which may occur in the development and construction of homes and buildings. But what is considered construction defects? If a construction defect is found in a home or a place of business, can the builder be sued? These are some of the questions that attorney William B. Hanley, an experienced construction defect attorney, wants to answer for you.

Construction Defects Defined

Under California law, a condition in your property which makes in unsuitable for its intended use or devalues the property may be considered a defect. These defects may be found in residential homes or in places of business and can pose health risks and/or potential financial dangers.

If your home or business is showing warning signs of what you suspect are construction defects, an independent inspector can determine the cause of the problem. If it is determined that construction defects are present, you need to consult with an attorney who is well-versed in the complicated nature of California construction law. Attorney William B. Hanley’s extensive experience in construction-related cases, as well as dealing with developers, construction companies, contractors, and property owners, means he is the seasoned attorney you want handling your case if you live in or near Irvine, California.

Construction Defects in Your Home

If a new home is built with defects, the eventual owners of the home can be surprised to discover problems that lead to costly repairs. There are common defects that may be found in some homes, even those that have been newly constructed. These common issues may include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Leaks in the roof or windows (resulting in water damage)

  • Faulty electrical or plumbing work (potential fire or water damage risks)

  • Mold in the walls, ceilings, or woodwork (which can be life-threatening)

  • Improper ventilation ductwork (leading to poisonous gas emissions)

  • Toxic substances located in the surrounding soil (severe health risks)

  • Cracks or faults in the foundation (potential structural safety issues)

A home that contains one or more of the above defects can pose a serious danger, both physically and financially. You may not have to pay for expensive repairs yourself. If it is determined that the defective areas resulted from substandard development or construction, you may have the right to file suit against the builder.

Construction Defects in Your Commercial Property

Like residential structures, businesses are also at risk of construction defects. The potential defects are largely the same (leaks of water or gases, mold, environmental or structural dangers, etc.), but there are additional consequences faced by a business in the event of construction defects. In addition to costly repairs, a business with construction defects could also be forced to deal with:

  • Loss of revenue due to closure of the business facility

  • Additional costs of relocation due to repairs

  • Possible health consequences faced by employees resulting from the defects

These are serious risks. You have worked hard to build your business, and construction defects could pose an unexpected danger. If your place of business is experiencing issues that you think may be the result of construction defects, you should consult with an experienced California construction defects attorney. As a California business owner himself, Bill understands what you’re facing and has the knowledge to help you.

Your Legal Options

Attorney Bill Hanley has been practicing law in the state of California for decades and has a deep understanding of all of the complexities of the construction industry and construction law. If you have discovered construction defects in your home or place of business, you have the right to take legal action. Bill works closely with both individuals as well as with business owners, and he will put his experience to work for you. Contact William B. Hanley, Attorney at Law today to schedule a consultation at his Irvine, California office to discuss your options.