Dealing with real estate issues can be incredibly complex, often requiring the assistance of a seasoned legal professional.  

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Understanding Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation covers a range of disputes related to property ownership, usage, and transactions. These disputes can arise from various circumstances, including breach of contract, property boundary disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, construction defects, title disputes, zoning and land use issues, and easement issues. 

This type of litigation often involves complicated laws and regulations at both the state and local levels. If you’re involved in a real estate dispute, you must seek professional legal representation because it can significantly impact your property values, investments, and personal or commercial interests. 

Real Estate Laws in California

Understanding California’s real estate laws is important for anyone involved in property disputes. Here are a few key statutes specific to California: 

California Civil Code Section 1102

This section mandates that sellers of residential property provide buyers with a Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS). The TDS must disclose known defects and other material facts about the property. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in legal action. 

California Civil Code Section 1942

This statute outlines the rights of tenants regarding habitability. If a rental property is not habitable and the landlord fails to make necessary repairs, tenants may have the right to withhold rent or repair and deduct the cost from their rent. Disputes arising from these situations often require legal intervention. 

California Civil Code Section 798.15

This section pertains to mobile home park residency law, which includes specific requirements for rental agreements, park rules, and regulations. Disputes between mobile home park owners and residents can be complex and may require specialized legal counsel. 

Real Estate Dispute?


Typical Disputes Encountered in Real Estate Transactions

Here are some common issues that frequently arise in property transactions in California: 

Breach of Contract 

In real estate transactions, contracts are the foundation of the agreement between parties. When one party fails to meet their contractual obligations, it can cause significant financial and legal repercussions.  

Property Boundary Disputes 

Boundary disputes can arise due to unclear property lines, incorrect surveys, or encroachments. These disputes often require a thorough investigation and expert testimony.  

Landlord-Tenant Disputes 

Landlord-tenant relationships can become contentious, especially when issues like lease violations, eviction proceedings, or habitability concerns arise.  

Construction Defects 

Construction defects can range from minor issues to significant structural problems that affect a property’s safety and value.  

Title Disputes 

Clear title to property is essential for the transfer and ownership of real estate. Title disputes can arise from claims of adverse possession, fraudulent transfers, or errors in public records.  

Zoning and Land Use Issues 

Local zoning laws and land use regulations can impact property development and use. Disputes in this area often involve challenges to zoning decisions, variances, or compliance with land use regulations.  

Easement Disputes 

Easements grant individuals or entities the right to use a portion of someone else’s property for a specific purpose, such as access to a public road or utility maintenance. Disputes often arise over the scope, use, and maintenance responsibilities of easements. 

Why William B. Hanley, Attorney at Law?

With years of experience in real estate litigation, Bill has handled a wide array of cases, from straightforward contract disputes to complex construction defect cases. 

Bill’s approach to litigation is strategic and results-oriented. He carefully analyzes each case, develops a comprehensive legal strategy, and advocates vigorously for his clients in court. Bill prioritizes clear communication and personalized service. He ensures that clients are informed about their case’s progress and understand their legal options at every stage. 

Serving clients in Irvine, California, Orange County, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, and San Diego, Bill is well-versed with local laws and regulations that impact real estate transactions and disputes. Put his experience to work for you.

Irvine Real Estate Litigation Attorney

If you are facing a real estate dispute and live in Irvine, California, or surrounding areas, you must seek experienced legal representation. Attorney William B. Hanley provides high-quality legal services tailored to your needs. Call Bill today to take the first step toward resolving your real estate dispute.