If your business is involved in any type of dispute that involves the sale and distribution of goods, credit transactions or negotiable instruments, the commercial litigation law firm of William B. Hanley can assist you. Contact us to arrange for a confidential consultation.

A Variety of Business Clients

Bill’s commercial litigation clients consist of businesses that find themselves drawn into conflicts, contract disputes, or a myriad of other difficulties involving the sale of goods and services. Some possible areas that may require legal representation are:

  • Securities litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Failed joint ventures
  • Uniform Commercial Code matters
  • Indemnification

Bill prefers working one-on-one with his small business clients to find solutions. Consequently, many of his clients become his friends, and he gets to know them on a personal as well as a professional level. He can use this understanding to find an outcome that’s in line with their personal and professional goals. Bill personally prepares every aspect of the case, so he is fully prepared when it comes time to present it to a jury.

In and out of the courtroom, our attorney can help

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Commercial Litigation FAQ

When considering litigation, a business owner should be aware of their options. In addition to the courtroom, there are other forums that might be appropriate, depending on the specific needs of the business. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), described below, may be a desirable alternative to litigation or, if the cause of action is of an eligible size, a small-claims court may be another venue for an owner to consider. Class actions may also be utilized by a business in certain circumstances. Additionally, business owners must understand the basic features of class actions in the event that they are named as defendants.

  • What is involved when litigating a business issue? This depends on the issue. The business owner would follow the same process for business litigation as they would for any civil lawsuit, including usually obtaining an attorney and pretrial matters such as motions, possible settlement negotiations, trial, and possibly appeal.
  • What are some alternatives to litigation? Businesses often use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods. The ADR process usually utilizes arbitration or mediation and aims to reach a settlement before taking the case to court. These alternatives are attractive because they are often less expensive and more efficient than traditional litigation.

There are sure to be many other questions you have if your business is facing a litigation case. Rather than figuring them out alone and putting your business at risk, contact our firm for a consultation. Attorney Bill Hanley can answer your questions and put your mind at ease in the face of uncertainty.

Attorney William B. Hanley

Commercial Litigation Attorney in Orange County

If you are seeking legal representation in southern California, look no further than attorney William B. Hanley. He has been in practice since 1974 in a wide range of legal areas, including employment law, environmental law, personal injury, and trust, business, commercial, real estate, and construction litigation. Bill works closely with both individuals and businesses, and he provides a personal involvement in each client’s unique issues. Contact him today and give your case a fighting chance in court.